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Immersive Projection

I was the Technical Director behind this projection onto the Emerging Technology in Business & Design building of Miami University in the fall of 2022. The designs were created by colleagues of mine while I created the Touchdesigner file with Kantan Mapper to project the designs onto the building. I also created systems for audio reactivity, a midi keyboard controller, and automatic switching of visual projects.



Scene Changer

Using chops and sliders, I made three different scene changing systems which ran through over 12 seperate designs made by my colleagues. The first is a manual slider, the second is a midi slider connected to the midi keyboard I was using for many aspects of the project. Lastly is the automatic timer which I can set the amount of time a design will be shown until it is switched to a new design automatically.

Scene Change Controller.png

Midi Keyboard Visualizer

This system I created uses the Launch Controler XL Midi Keyboard to create a changing virtual interface of all the keyboard's buttons and dials. I seperated the signals into simple rows of letters and columns of numbers allowing simple assignment to nodes.

Midi Board Visual2.png
Midi Board Visual1.png

Audio Reactivity

Using a driver called CABLE, I was able to get audio from Spotify and Youtube to be analyzed inside Touchdesigner. I then created a BPM and beat sensor with aid from the Touchdesigner community and rounding the found BPM to thhe average BPM of different music genres. All of these values could then be used by my colleagues for their designs. 

Audio Reactive Analysis.png

Kantan Mapper

For the projection, I used Kantan Mapper and cropped screenshots of different parts on the building to map different designs onto the walls, windows, and walkway.

Kantan Mapper Cropping.png
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